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About me

I am an author, speaker and advocate for parents and carers of children with complex needs and rare diseases.


My background is as a professional sports therapist. I ran a successful massage business for a number of years and wrote one of the most popular guides to massage: 'The Complete Body Massage Course.'

I am currently working with Dr Melinda Edwards on a free massage service for parents and carers. In Touch is supported by Guys and St Thomas' Trust Charity and is available for parents and carers who are staying with their children during admission at Evelina London.


I speak at patient engagement events where I give honest and frank accounts of the challenges faced by children and their families in the both diagnosis and ongoing management of complex medical needs. 


I offer workshops and presentations that are tailored to support both families and professionals, covering techniques for relieving stress to teaching gentle touch to comfort and support sick children.


I write with the single purpose of giving people the support and reinforcement they need.


I was commissioned by Evelina London Childrens Hospital to write  'Gut Feeling’ - a dedicated guide for carers of children with digestive issues. Join my mailing list for a free pdf copy of the book.

I was commissioned by Collins & Brown to write 'The Complete Body Massage Course', a best selling introduction to the mot popular massage therapies. The book features massage treatments to promote general wellbeing to help a wide range of everyday ailments. 

Please get if touch for more information on my work or to work with me. 


Stephen and I have two beautiful children. Both were born prematurely after complicated pregnancies. My son was born 4 months early and has a very rare gastric condition which took 3 painful years to diagnose. His condition requires an intense responsibility of parental and hospital care.


Switching from being a working mum to caring for a critically ill child often left me feeling powerless, scared and lonely. 

I knew I was not the only parent with these feelings, so I decided to use my personal experience of caring for Spike over ten years and my professional experience of working with Evelina London Childrens Hospital and Great Ormond Street to help other families.


I now write and speak on the issues around family life with children with complex medical issues.

As a result of my son's condition we now homeschool both our children and I offer advice on resources for other parents.

Poppy and Spike have overcome huge challenges with patience, wit and resilience. They are my passion and inspiration.

About my family

Please contact me if you would like to chat or if you would like to work with me.

“Nicola is a passionate and engaged speaker, with true authority and personal experience of the challenges many parents face. She always receives excellent feedback and often leaves her audience moved to tears by her honest and frank accounts of the challenges faced by children and their families in the both diagnosis and ongoing management of complex medical needs.” 

—  Dr Sharon Roberts, Paediatric Consultant

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