Back to School Activity Books for Primary & Secondary School

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Are your children feeling anxious about their return to school?

Barnardo's have produced two colourful and engaging activity workbooks for primary and secondary school children, they cover everything from feelings to relationships and managing change.

"For everyone, there has been a lot of change, and now we are having to think about getting back to school. This might feel exciting, or maybe even a little scary. However you feel about going back to school, this booklet is designed to give you hints, tips and activities to try so that you move back into school life feeling confident and calm."

At the moment my children are both being home schooled but i'm still going to get them to have fun with the pack - I think it will benefit us all. I also think it will be a fantastic resource to take to scary hospital admissions or to fill when there is fear around major surgery - this is something we have to face and I am delighted to have a document that may support Spike and Poppy with the decisions we have to make.

Click HERE for a PDF of the PRIMARY Activity Book

Click HERE a PDF of the SECONDARY Activity Book

Thank you Barnardo's! For anyone who doesn't know the history behind Barnardo's I highly recommend a read:


Barnardo's - Believe in Children.