Back To School - webinar / online Q & A

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Do you have a child with serious health needs and are you scared and confused about their return to school?

You can read and watch the key points from the Well Child 'Back to School' Webinar / Online Q & A which, held on Thursday, 20th August 10:00-10:45, HERE

And here is a serious, thoughtful and honest discussion about school reopening.

@AdamRutherford asks Paul Hunter and @timspector the questions many of us are asking:

Whilst normal life may be returning for many parents - at least for now - for us this can bring a new kind of challenge. The British Psychological Society recently pointed out that continued restrictions on shielding families can add to a sense of difference and unfairness for our kids.

If your family are struggling read our Top Tips and resources HERE