Maths Week England 2020

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Maths Week England is a grassroots movement to share the joy of mathematics with everyone. It runs from 9th to 14th November and their vision is to provide young people with a positive image of maths.

If like me you are home schooling it might be worth your while signing up Every day you will receive an email that might just make teaching maths a more interesting experience for you and more enjoyable for your child.

There will be an impressive range of resources for both primary and secondary

With everything from useful websites to YouTube Escape Rooms and Origami.

There will be short videos that teach tricks that make you look like a genius. There are puzzles, brainbusters and best of all for us more creative types there is origami.

Mathematics through Paper Folding by Frances Watson and Alison Kiddle and

Construct stars and snowflakes with Clarissa Grandi, the undisputed Queen of Mathematical Art have ignited my long dead interest in maths.

The question is - can I hook Spike?