Supporting Young People to Understand Coronavirus

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Children can be very resilient and cope well with the demands of a physical illness but they may have difficult questions at this time.

How do we deal with their anxieties during this coronavirus outbreak and protect them from acquiring information or misinformation that will make them more anxious? And how do we help them to understand and follow guidelines? Thankfully, there are some very helpful resources around: Many people seem to like this illustrated guide for younger children. It is engaging though it does avoid the inevitability that not everyone will get better and that washing your hands reduces but not eliminates risk.

The World Health Organisation have a one-page PDF "Helping children cope with stress during the coronavirus outbreak" It is hosted on the Save the Children website: HERE

The Mental Health Foundation provide advice on talking to children about scary world news: HERE Save the Children have also compiled some Frequently Asked Questions about the virus, as well as advice for discussing the situation with children: HERE Generally, I would advise keeping it simple and avoiding online news and websites as they are often confusing, continually changing and can make a lot of us more anxious.

But CBBC Newsround have some useful general advice if children are upset by the news: HERE There is also a more dedicated page on Coronavirus: What is the new virus and what's being done about it: HERE I believe the NHS will be sending a letter to carers outlining the steps we should take if a child is in the high risk group because of underlying medical issues like my son Spike. There is also information for families about the Evelina approach to coronavirus and measures they are taking to keep families safe on a dedicated page on their website that will be regularly updated: HERE

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