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THE BODY MAINTENANCE MANUAL (in conjunction with In-Touch Massage)

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Head to Toe do-it-yourself guided massage.

Do you experience any of the following?

• Continual sluggishness and low energy

• Back pain for no apparent reason

• Dull aches & pains

• The feeling you don’t ever look your best

• A reluctance to exercise

• Difficulty in sleeping

• Difficulty in waking up

• A continual urge to eat comfort type foods / drink / smoke


As a mum and carer I have first hand experience of all of these challenges.

I know how impossible it is to set routines, to leave the house to exercise, to meet friends or have treats (money aside).

Our situation opened my eyes to a very different world of exhaustion and pain - caring leaves little time for self care.

I want to help you feel better, more energised and positive, without a radical diet, an intense new gym program or yet another miracle cure which doesn’t work!

My Head to Toe do-it-yourself guided massage manual will teach you to change the body patterns that are causing your aches and pains, that restrict your physical potential and energy level and keep you consistently below par.

I will also introduce you to:

- the importance of posture in overall body maintenance and injury prevention.

- the essential background and techniques to self-massage and stretching.

- body awareness and observation - what works and why.

- active steps toward the relief of a multitude of common aches like:

• neck strain

• tension headache

• frozen shoulder


• tennis elbow

• lower back pain

• sciatica

• sprains

• strains

• cramp

• twitchy leg syndrome

All the exercises will be done with the time strapped carer in mind, you will be able to do them whenever and wherever, first thing in the morning, at the bus stop, at the bedside and or in a queue. Just remember the more you do the more positive and energised you will feel and the more confident you will look.

- What do you most want to achieve?

- Will learning a new skill boost your confidence?

- What are your motivations? (personal relief?)

- How much time do you have to commit?

- Are you interested in holistic therapies/approach to life?

Sign up to my mailing list to receive lesson 1 & 2 (*see below) - taken from my book "The Complete Body Massage Course".

Head over to our private on-line community on Facebook @TheBodyMaintenanceManual The place where you can ask me specific questions, the place where I will endeavour to encourage you to look at your own self-care and the place where you can meet fellow carers who may have tips to support you and your family.

I look forward to encouraging you to look at your own self-care!


This week comprises of a series of spreads explaining in detail what equipment you need before you begin, and also an overview of the anatomy, notably the muscular system.

* Lesson 2 - TECHNIQUES

I will walk you through the core skills; break movements down into their component parts from warm-ups / stretches, to short exercises.

What happens during a treatment session?

Relaxation / preparation exercises

What causes muscular pain?

Beginning /finishing the treatment

Easy techniques: stroking, kneading, thumb circling, knuckling, pulling, whole-hand frictions, hacking, stretching, simple holding


Nicola Stewart is a widely experienced sports, remedial and on-site massage therapist. She is accredited by The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and holds her insurance with Balens Insurance Brokers. She has worked with a broad range of clients in the dance, sports, business and media worlds. She has written ‘The Complete Body Massage Course','Gut Feeling' and for a variety of health magazines.

Nicola Stewart Massage was established in 1998 with the aim of promoting vitality. She has been providing regular massage and wellbeing services via a professionally qualified body of workers in a great variety of situations. For more details please contact Nicola HERE.

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