The Complete Body Massage Course

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

In 2006 I was commissioned by Anova Books, now Collins and Brown, to write a comprehensive guide to massage.

Whether you have a specific ache or pain, or just want to learn to relax 'The Complete Body Massage Course' really lives up to its name.

Fifteen of the most popular therapies appear in step-by-step colour photographs, along with detailed instructions and introductions that explain their philosophy, purpose, benefits, possible contraindications, and related applications. Icons indicate how long each one will take, what to wear, what (if any) oils to use, and what conditions it relieves. In addition, dozens of others receive more concise coverage, and a fully cross-referenced Symptoms Index provides fuss-free, easy guidance.

'I've been getting massage for Fibromyalgia for the last ten years. The instructive advice in this book and the clarity of the pictures are the best I've seen. My husband and I learned from a certified and experienced therapist how to massage each other. There is a lot to remember and this book, which agrees with everything she taught, is our backup.' —  V. Hanson - Amazon Review 
 'Before reading this book I felt a little clueless when giving a massage. The tips and techniques really helped me gain confidence and eventually become a more capable giver of massage.' —  C. Bell - Amazon Review 
 'I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I'm no stranger to massage but never had formal training. There are lots of pictures, all instructions make complete sense. After reading this book & getting massages, (of course I enjoy them immensely) but now I know why the therapeutic masseuse is doing what she's doing. My own informal massage technique has improved greatly. Great book!' —  SOA H - Amazon Review

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