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Top Tips & Videos Tutorials for Hand Care

I've designed a guided hand massage, stretches and an invigorating scrub and moisturising hand pack to help parents and carers relax tightened, restricted muscles in their forearms and hands and prevent injury from repetitive tasks.

Our Hands are truly remarkable things - they have strength for gripping actions and dexterity for intricate movements. Our fingertips have lots of nerve receptors that send detailed messages to our brain about what we are touching.

They are vital in our role as carers so, in collaboration with In Touch Massage I have produced YouTube videos and printable routines to help you to relax tightened, restricted muscles in the arms, hands and fingers and I’m going to show you some simple exercises to improve your hand flexibility, strength and coordination.

First up, let me introduce you to some basic anatomy.

  • Each hand has 27 bones and numerous small muscles. Fingers have no muscles but have tendons controlled by muscles in the forearm and palm. Flexor muscles bend the fingers and thumb - they are connected to the underside of the forearm. Extensor muscles straighten them out - they are connected to the top of the forearm.

  • At the wrist we have the carpal ligament - a tunnel along which the long tendons to the fingers and thumb as well as the nerves travel. It's the compression of these nerves by repetitive movements that causes numbness and tingling in the fingers - 'carpel tunnel syndrome'.

  • The wrist does not rotate by itself - if you clasp your forearm you will immobilise the two bones of the forearm (your radius and ulna) and you will see that your wrist won't rotate.

Massage is one of the best complimentary treatments to help unwind, soothe away tension, relax the muscles, stimulate blood and lymph circulation and help with insomnia. You can download and print my routine HERE or watch the Guided Hand Massage Video on YouTube HERE

2 –3 minutes of bitesize stretching, as often as possible, will actively support you toward the relief of a multitude of common aches and will help you to regain freedom of movement.

Download and print my routine HERE or watch the video on YouTube HERE.

And lastly, if your hands, like mine, are dry and sore from constant washing please download my Natural Hand Treatment & Top Tips for Hand Care HERE or watch the routine on YouTube HERE

If like me your fascinated by anatomy and movement I would recommend watching Dr Alice Roberts YouTube Videos - Lockdown Anatomy HERE

I am a professional massage therapist who is currently working with Dr Melinda Edwards on a free massage pilot for parents and carers at Evelina London Childrens Hospital.

If you would like to know more about me and In Touch Massage please visit:

If the strain of caring day after day is affecting how you take care of yourself, please join my mailing list to get up to date videos and self care tips.

Any questions please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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