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Using Direct Payments During Coronovirus

This article by maybe of interest to those living in England who who have a personal budget/direct payments.

'While we're all having to cope with COVID-19, the government expects LAs and CCGs to continue to give you as much flexibility as possible in how you use your direct payment. What matters most is that you are able to use your direct payment in a way that allows you to stay safe and well, and continue to get the care and support you need.

Where possible, you should keep using your direct payment as agreed in your care and support plan. But there may be situations where you need to organise your care and support in different ways as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.This is allowed. It has always been possible under the Care Act and direct payment regulations for you to use your direct payments flexibly providing it continues to meet your assessed needs. We expect LAs and CCGs to be as flexible as possible when you have made reasonable decisions to use your direct payment differently in a way that keeps you safe and avoids your care breaking down.' Click here to continue reading:

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